Arneis is a white wine grape variety originating from Piedmont, Italy;

Arneis means little rascal in local dialect, as well as device or tool.

Which all characterise us. At Arneis, we are

Stefano Silvera

Founder and CEO

rugby trainer

Andrea Villa

Founder and owner

torino fc fan

Valentina Zambòn

Sales account

training for marathon

Claudia Rossi


spirits producer

Giacomo Gaino


deejay and music producer

Daniele Gava



Daniela Melfa

Clients account

beach lover

Marco Ugliengo

Video production

drums player

Andrea Sau

Events production


Giancarlo Zucca

Architect and creative

imaginative biker

Gabriele Trombotto

Graphic design

break dancer

Roberto Garaffa

Web development

bass player