The unexpected selfie-machine. With no camera. And no photographer.

The ball, the tv remote … as well as any object in your hands: they can all to the magic. A prodigious system, thanks to which anybody, without moving, is transported through time and space, to be portrayed in the location of their dreams, or in another era.

Everything just happens automatically, thanks to Abracadabra, the technology developed by arneis.com to create photos and selfies, in a surprising way, just by touching things around you. Possibly any thing: thanks to a sensors system, photos are taken at the right moment, just when you kick the ball off, or you pull the dog’s tail.

And everything is directly uploaded on screens close-by, as well as on-line to social networks. No poses, no operator, no queue, no privacy issues because the public does everything autonomously. Just by magic.


Images are customizable, so they can spread around the message of a campaign for any product or any service. To become vehicles for generating buzz on social networks.

Abracadabra is very easy to install and requires little space.


Interested in Abracadabra photo robot?

To learn more about the conditions of use of this innovative marketing tool, used by Ferrero and Warner Bros, among others, just drop a line at:  hello@arneis.com