Celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy have been the event of the year for the country, in 2011.

Turin, Italy’s first capital, organized a series of events under the name of EsperienzaItalia150. Among them: Stazione Futuro, a journey through Italy in 2020; what will be and what we would like it to be, through the ideas, projects, innovations and people that will become part of our lives over the next ten years. Wired Italy editor Riccardo Luna, who was directing the 9-month event, wanted something special, unique, something that would combine the high technology of the future with a real interaction with the public. In particular, he wanted to:

  • Spice up the event, with content “on the move”
  • Engage visitors, offering them a truly interactive experience
  • Show a preview of an artificial hostess to guide visitors through the exhibition of hi-tech environment
  • Create an icon of the exhibition that would become its testimonial for the public and the media
  • A true robot consistent with the set of ideas, prototypes and products chosen to express Italy’s future

Arneis Contribution

Arneis created Beatrice, the first hostess robot designed to surprise and entertain visitors, guiding them through the exhibition. Beatrice engaged visitors with her behavior and her “character”, the result of a careful design of all her features: her appearance, her words, and the whole combination of hardware and software which defines the way she interact with her human beings.

In the nine months of Stazione Futuro, Beatrice, the hostess with-wheels-not- heels, welcomed more than 100,000 visitors. And she significantly contributed to the visibility of the exhibition, winning the attention of TV, radio and newspapers. And social media too, with her own facebook page..

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Beatrice, the robot hostess with wheels, not heels