Beatrice is the first “Robot Hostess”, designed as guide and information point for events and places with high concentration of public (ie, fairs, exhibitions, museums, airports, train stations, etc…).

Six feet high, Beatrice is easy going and she moves around in full autonomy. She speaks more than thirty languages. She ​​was guide to the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s Unification, brilliant hostess at the Auto Show and flawless receptionist at the welcome desk of a Bank.



1.7-meter high (featuring an impressive 90/60/90)
fast, but not too much, so everyone can follow her
energetic, powered by 4 batteries
independent, up to 4 hours without recharging
designed for use in indoor environments

Beatrice owes its name to Dante’s female figure who guides the poet through the nine heavens of Paradise, such as

she appears to be a creature who has come from Heaven to Earth to show forth a miracle..


Beatrice is a special robot: her Interactive features capture the audience’s attention, granting a unique and playful experience, as the same President of the Republic of Italy, Mr. Giorgio Napolitano could enjoy, while opening the celebrations for the Country’s 150th anniversary of national unity.

The robot is fully autonomous in its moves, thanks to its advanced navigation system and laser sensors detecting any obstacles to avoid unwanted contacts. And, it can speak, sing and laugh thanks to the voice synthesis software from Nuance, the multinational company based in Turin, as it is Arneis, the company that created Beatrice.


Beatrice guida alle celebrazioni dell’unità d’Italia

Beatrice hostess al salone dell’auto per Volvo

Beatrice all’accoglienza clienti di banca Superflash

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