During the 2014 football World Cup, in Brazil, the company wanted to leverage its sponsorship around the Country’s top large-scale retailers, with a dedicated BTL communication campaign, involving both its brands: Kinder and Ferrero.


Arneis contribution

Create and setup football related activities aimed at engaging Ferrero customers at mass-retailers. 3 football playgrounds, where people could win Kinder and Ferrero discount vouchers, just kicking the ball. And the app to make the campaign contents immediately visible online.

  • Three contemporary tours around Italy, organization and management by Arneis, including staff, logistics and arrangements with retailers
  • Three football playgrounds, one with Paratutto robot goalie and two with Goleada speed and precision test
  • Abracadabra, the sensors’ machine that shots you in the very moment when you kick the ball (or pull the dog’s tail), to create magic branded selfies and immediately share them on social media

100 days of Kinder and Ferrero enabled football games at 11 large shopping centres during the World Cup season. Extended visibility to Kinder and Ferrero Campaign, right in the middle of the retail area. Continuous animation around Kinder and Ferrero products display. 12.000 discount vouchers distributed.