Flash wall

Faster than light!

It’s a challenge on this large wall screen. 

A dynamic, fun and interactive way to promote your brand by involving the public in a game to play on a maxi video-wall. Reaching the speed of light is intuitive: you play with your hands. Each player must hit on the wall the large LED tiles as they light up, following the right sequence. Faster and faster. 




visible: 2.4 mt. for 2,4mt display

compact: 2,2 mt  x 1,2 mt space requirement

area of the game: 2.5 mt x 2.5 mt

fully adaptable to specific look&feel

modular: 10 game modes with different levels of difficulty

powered by electric current: 220 volts
designed for indoor use

Flash Wall @IBM Smart Camp

Flash Wall @Games Week for Telecom Italia

Flash Wall was used with great success by Telecom Italia, for the launch of their data service at the national VideoGame fair. At Milan’s Gamesweek, the national event dedicated to video games, Telecom Italia obtained personalized contacts with video games fans, attracting thousands of people to its desk.

Interested in FlashWall robot light?

To learn more about the conditions of use of this innovative marketing tool, just drop a line at: hello@arneis.com