Goleada 09.04.33

Football catches one of the World’s scarcest resources: people’s attention. Today, nothing else does it so well. Attention is what other activities simply cannot get. Constantly, we have access to thousands of information and we are surrounded with all sorts of messages. In this jungle, football appeals to people and draws their attention.

In 2014, 1Bn people watched the World Cup final, across 200 countries. Goleada is a high-tech football speed and precision test playground to recreate emotions and feelings of a football field, to engage people in a football challenge. The sensors system around the goal records the speed and precision of any shot.



powered by electricity: 230/110 volts

the playground, 2.5mt – high, includes:

the goal, 2 mt  × 4 mt

the field, 8 mt × 5 mt

sensors network at the goal

multiple video screens


Anyone can have his speed and precision test with Goleada, which can involve up to 2,000 / day. Goleada has been used with considerable success by Kinder and Ferrero for their in-store campaign during the 2014 World Cup, in Brazil.  It can be used in different contexts: fairs, retail stores, events, internal training and staff motivation.

Goleada is easy to install and requires little space.

Interested in Goleada Speed and Precision game?

To learn more about the conditions of use of this innovative marketing tool, just drop a line at: hello@arneis.com