Intesa SanPaolo, one of Italy’s major banks, created Superflash brand dedicated to young people: Superflash branches are not the classic bank branch, but an open and interactive space, with basic furnishings and the latest technology, continuous communication through video walls and radio entertainment. An environment to put young people at ease, to intrigue and to encourage self-banking, accessible from Monday to Saturday.

Arneis Contribution

Arneis supported Intesa SanPaolo to increase awareness and foot-traffic at the SuperFlash banking branch, approaching people and interacting with them in a high-tech and unusual way. Arneis:

  • displayed the Robot Hostess Beatrice, for a week performance at the new generation bank branch in the heart of the city
  • created the event around its alluring hostess with-wheels-not- heels
  • defined the lay-out for Beatrice performance, within the scope of Intesa SanPaolo needs

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Beatrice the robot hostess with wheels, not heels