Lotto is a leading Italian Company in the sports sector.

To launch its new top of the range: Zhero Gravity Ultra, the first football boot in the world without laces, Lotto planned a roadshow around Italy to communicate a unique product, result of years of study and research. To seize the opportunity of 2010 World Cup in South Africa,  an event which takes place only every four years, when the attention of the public and the media for football is at its highest.

For the roadshow, Lotto was looking for some exceptional content to:

– communicate the value of a product of exception: “precision, speed, technology and simplicity”,

– to win the attention of the public and the media, both traditional ones, that social networks

– establish contact with potential customers, making them try the product, engaging them in an exciting and interactive experience

Arneis Contribution

the robot Paratutto palyground was part of the village of Lotto roadshow, challenging the athletes sponsored by Lotto, including Luca Toni (top scorer in Italy) and other professional footballers, very intrigued by the challenge against the robot. Like them,

  • thousands of people shot against Paratutto! in the streets of Italy.
  • Some of them were able to score.
  • All had fun.
  • Everyone tested innovative Lotto shoes.
  • Many enthusiastically uploaded their videos on social networks, to report their (un)successful attempts.
  • Even the media’s attention was captured: national news reported in their prime time edition on the match between Luca Toni and the strongest goalkeeper in the world.

Lotto has extended its cooperation with Arneis, use Paratutto! in other events.

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Paratutto, the world’s best goalkeeper is a robot