“Is it real?”

“It is real, have a look at it!”

That is how any casual glance is surprised by a running mannequin…  That’s how, spontaneously, our attention is captured by the movement of an inanimate object. Are you sure we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream…

This is such stuff as dreams are made of:  Movida is a robot that mimics human movements, such as running, walking or cycling. Moving its arms and legs, softly and elegantly, perfectly … human-like. The continuous motion,  attracts and captures the audience’s attention, making it an original and effective communication tool.



tall, about 2 meters
fast, enough to catch the attention
stylish, enough to seduce
strong, to run non-stop 24/7
powerful, powered by electric current: 230/110 volts
designed for indoor use

Movida Monaco 092

Movida is used to display products, enhancing visual merchandising, at fairs and trade shows, as well as  in stores. It can wear clothes and shoes. It can ski and it can ride a bike. Movida is a robot powered by electric current, it is easy to use and it requires no maintenance, nor direct human control.


Are you interested in Movida running robot?

Movida was successfully used by sport apparel brands like Lotto and Adidas, to showcase new products.

To learn more about the conditions of use of this innovative marketing tool, just drop a line at: hello@arneis.com