Juventus FC is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. Relegated to Serie B in 2006, after an investigation for some match-fixing, Juventus returned to Serie A in 2007 and won the Championship in 2012, 13 and 14.

When the new owned stadium opened, in 2011, Juventus, intended to transform every match into an event to actually entertain the public even before and after the game. For their home games, Juventus wanted something to engage fans. Something that would appeal to everyone from kids to professional players. And also something for people to emulate the game on the field.

Arneis contribution

In collaboration with World of Events agency, Arneis provided:

  • robot Paratutto! transformed into a perfect replica of Gigi Buffon, Juventus goalkeeper
  • robot goalkeeper playground was placed near the access to the ground, in a very visible location, easily accessible for all fans
  • Paratutto was present at key matches of the season (against Inter, Milan, Naples, Genoa, Fiorentina, etc …)

Hundreds of fans actually flocked to the Juventus Stadium, challenging the robot, in the two hours before and after each game; and also during half time break. Caught up in the game, they were not keen on leaving even when real Buffon took the field.

Paratutto played for several clubs in Germany too.  And for their sponsors too: it is a unique tool to recreate the emotions and feelings of a football field in any other place. It has proved  very valuable for sponsors. In 2012, Juventus FC was the first Italian team to choose it. And when they did, they won the League…

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Paratutto, the world’s best goalkeeper is a robot