Football catches one of the World’s scarcest resources: people’s attention..

Today, nothing else does it so well.

Attention is what other activities simply cannot get. Constantly, we have access to thousands of information and we are surrounded with all sorts of messages. In this jungle, football appeals to people and draws their attention. In 2014, 1Bn people watched the World Cup final, across 200 countries.

Paratutto robot goalie can recreate emotions and feelings of a football field, just anywhere. Catching people’s attention alike.

The robot is a real-size goalkeeper four meters wide goal. The entire playground (doors, side banners and field) is fully customizable.



170 cm tall
faster than a Formula 1 car
powered by current: 400V, 32A, 22kW
Playground includes:
goal of 2 × 4 mt
field of 11 × 6 mt

structure 3.5mt – high


This robot is just the best goalkeeper in the world: an unsurpassable and tireless opponent, faster than a Formula 1 car, but ready to adapt to the skills of a children when they’re challenging him.

Anyone can do it. Paratutto! can involve very many people: up to 2,000 / day, can experience the thrill of the challenge against the robot.

The application provides intuitive interaction with technology and engaging for the general public. And it works also online (over 3M views on youtube)

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Paratutto was succesfully used by  Juventus FC, Vodafone, SkyHTC e LottoSport, among others.

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