Sky Italia, is one of the largest pay-TV operators in Europe, with about 5 million subscribers.

For their marketing campaign and brand development, Sky wanted to focus on football and in particular on the Serie A, through something original in terms of communication and successful in terms of sales. The idea was to combine the classical communication (television and billboards) with a Below-the-Line campaign. Activities to ensure, through direct contact with the public, a more effective outcome in terms of brand exposure and association football. The aim was also to act on purchase intention, aiming at new subscribers.

Sky, with SaveAs agency, sought a partner that would be able to plan and run the campaign during the summer. The result was a summer roadshow around pre-season training venues of the leading clubs in Serie A : InterRoma, Napoli, LazioTorinoSampdoria, Genoa, Pescara e Bologna.

Arneis contribution

Arneis created the ideal situation for Sky to meet its public, creating excitement around the playground of the robot Paratutto! Fans gathered around it and approached Sky staff who met them in a friendly and engaging way. Arneis:

  • produced and managed the tour of 9 stages,
  • created the Sky Touchpoint around a real playground where fans would feel as protagonists
  • defeined and managed the process of contact with the public, around the playground
  • playgrounds were built around the strongest goalkeeper in the world, the robot Paratutto!, as well as adopting other solutions

At the end of the roadshow, thousands of fans, who had followed their favorite teams had been protagonists of the event.

And thanks to Sky, they had the chance to play real football and to challenge the strongest goalkeeper in the world.

As a result, many fans approached Sky in a nice and friendly way.

Sky staff were thus at ease to contact prospect customers: indeed, they  collected hundreds of contacts. Not all was immediately transformed into a new subscription (as many were already Sky subscribers), but the initiative was a strong success…

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Paratutto, the world’s best goalkeeper is a robot