Telecom Italia is the leading supplier of telecom services in Italy.

To promote his new fast internet service dedicated to Gamers, Telecom Italy was looking for an innovative solution to engage their target audiences present at the Games Week 2012 in Milan. The challenge was to attract Gamers in an environment where the supply of video games was at the top, with something more than just a video game, creating an interactive activity, fun and dynamic, in line with the concept of speed at the base of the promotion.

Objective was to attract and engage the audience of potential customers, supporting Telecom to:

  • Win new customers
  • To promote the Internet service Play
  • Generate personalized contacts for Telecom salesforce

Arneis Contribution

Arneis created an interactive game around the concept of fast internet: “Speed Game – Challenge your speed”. The game was designed around its Flash Wall, an interactive playground to let people become the star of a fun challenge at the speed of light. The activity involved a large and diverse public. The result: the space TelecomItalia attracted and involved thousands of people, with an easy way for its salesforce to approach prospect customers and present its services and commercial offers

The event led to a very high visibility Telecom brand, hundreds of new clients and business contacts. All among young people.