Vodafone is world’s first mobile operator, among top two in Italy.

They  wanted to activate the sponsorship of some players of Napoli SSC activities at major shopping malls in the Naples area to be able to:

– involve a large number of people

– get in touch with potential customers with a specific commercial proposal


Arneis contribution

> Set up of a Vodafone fully branded Paratutto playground to recreate the emotions and feelings of the football field, right inside the shopping mall

> Execution of communication, entertainment and engagement activities, turning the public into the protagonists of the event, with very effective results.

> In collaboration with Vodafone agency, BigIdeas

The commercial proposal was directly illustrated by Vodafone Staff, approaching the people who were intrigued, amused and engaged by the challenge against the robot.

Activities attracted and involved a large and diverse audience to Vodafone stand: thousands of people during the eight-day event.


Paratutto, the world’s best goalkeeper is a robot